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Zone Type: World
Sub Zones: 
  • Airship Crash Site
  • Alsig Basin
  • Alsig Crossroad
  • Alsig Village
  • Altar of the Black Dragon
  • Altar of Trial
  • Chaikata's Hideout
  • Entrance to the Sky Temple of Arkanis
  • Execution Ground of Deltras
  • Fall Road
  • Fire Temple
  • Fortress of Sorrow
  • Giant Rock Waterfall
  • Gundalfun's Cabin
  • Halabana Hot Springs
  • Hill of Belemu
  • Ice Claw Village
  • Incline of Spirit
  • Karhel's Aetheric Field
  • Kasaka's Wood Cave
  • Kentari Village
  • Klaw Habitat
  • Laboratory of Wonshikutz
  • Lava Cave of Taran
  • Lepharist Construction Base
  • Mist Mane Training Ground
  • Mist Mane Village
  • Mist Mane Village Entrance
  • Morheim Aetheric Field Observatory
  • Morheim Ice Fortress
  • Morheim Snow Field
  • Mt. Musphel
  • Mt. Musphel Entrance
  • Munmun Ginseng Plantation
  • Nunu Village
  • Octanu's Lair
  • Patamor Ridge Path
  • Patamor Thicket
  • Red Lava Cliff
  • Road to Altgard
  • Road to Beluslan
  • Salintus Desert
  • Salintus Observation Post
  • Salintus Rise
  • Silver Mane Village
  • Sky Bridge Valley
  • Sky Temple of Arkanis
  • Sprigg Habitat


Aion Morheim


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uShwbqfZlnyEuXahxS by Pierre <Guest> on 01/06/2013 08:51:17   - Pending for Approval
While I completely agree with you on the prmairy point, I think your example of Computer is a poor one, only because I think the modern gothic drama fan is reading books like The Dresden Files and similar crime dramas where computers and hacking will most definitely come up.And I agree when it comes to Dodge. If I can put points in Dodge, then I want to put points in Chrysler or Toyota too. Makes about as much sense.On the other hand, I've seen some of the blowback when this thinking it taken too far. If you look at D&D 4e, they took out the craft skills, because crafting items is not really a part of classic dungeon crawling and adventuring. I fully recognize the choice, but many players had brain spasms over the loss of these mechanics. I recognize that the gamemaster should just handwave this stuff, but that didn't sit well with the crunch loving minds that is your hardcore D&D fan.

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